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2008 Songwriter of the Year (Songwriters’ Showcase of America)

2011 First Place (A Simple Song) Lundyville Songwriting Contest

Phil Schneider is from Central Florida. He started playing the guitar at the age of 13 and was performing professionally at 17. His first influences were from watching the Grand Ole Oprey on television. His older brother Bill introduced him to the music of the Kingston Trio and his passion for folk music began. He learned not only the songs from the recordings he saved up money from mowing lawns, but also chords and runs. "Whenever I heard a sound I did not know" Phil says, "I had to find out how to do it. That’s how I learned about 6ths, minor 7ths and when I discovered Major 7ths I was very pleased at how much richer music was." Working with others, he learned about harmony. He has worked as a solo, in duo and trios. Two rock dance bands followed. "I've been lucky that there have been some very good musicians I have been associated with. Almost always they have been willing to share knowledge with me.

Phil’s early years were focused on performing. "I’d try my hand every now and then at writing but never went too far with that." Until a few years ago when song writing became a new passion. "I had a lot of experiences to draw upon. I think it is safe to say I write songs not quite like everyone else. That’s a two edged sword but it does set me apart. I hope people like my material.

Adventure, passion, dissolving relationships. These are just some of the subjects that Phil writes about. Sometimes serious. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek. But always about people. People you'd meet on the street. To paraphrase the "Desiderata", they, too, have their stories.



Phil Schneider
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