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1. I Wanna Take a Trip Down to Rio
2. Dead Chicken
3. Jack's Song
4. En Le Tap-Tap, Etienne
5. Circles
6. I Want You to Be My Girl
7. Truck Stop Girls
8. Opus De Samba
9. I Gotta Get Outta Here
10. Light in the Sky
11. I Can Hear Thunder
12. John Lennon is Dead
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1. Cruisin' Down to the Yucatan (Florida Straits)
2. A Crime of Passion (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
3. Key Largo 1935 (Key Largo, Florida)
4. It Ain't What She Do (Sanibel Island, Florida)
5. A Simple Song (Tampa Bay)
6. Mojo Joe (Miami Beach, Florida)
7. The Puppy Song (Tampa, Florida)
8. The Best Thing To Have Happened (Davenport, Florida)
9. An Island Sort of Way (Islamorada, Florida)
10. Sonya the Stripper (Tampa, Florida)
11. Once I Was Older (Polk County, Florida)
12. Esmerelda (Key West, Florida)
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Blue Bee Bar

Blue Bee Bar
1. Down at the Blue Bee Bar
2. La Noche, La Luna
3. Liza Jane
4. Day One
5. Cleavage
6. Love Let You Down
7. Fire Down Below
8. Lullaby
9. Tote the Load
10. Around About Summer
11. Mango Salsa
12. Interstate Highway
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Outta Town

Outta Town
1. Country Rain (3:07)
2. Skit-So-Frenic (3:46)
3. The Oak Upon the Hill (4:26) 4. The Santa Gertrudis Bull (Rosie and the Bull) (3:41)
5. Life Was Hard on the Plains (4:18)
6. New Man in Town (3:48)
7. Dainty Things (3:03)
8. Livin' My Life as a Cowboy (4:07)
9. The Cuckoo (3:35)
10. He Gives Me Power (4:33)
11. Some Other Kind (For Kathleen and Daryl) (2:49)
12. Down at Woodie's (3:13)
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